Mimi Bai was born in Xi’an, China and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of Alfred University (MFA, Sculpture) and Wesleyan University (BA, Sociology). Bai is currently participating in the Whitney Independent Study Program (2017 – 2018) as well as the Artist Studios Program Residency at the Museum of Arts and Design (2017 – 2018).

Bai’s work builds connections between people, space, material, and theory. She uses her work to experiment with different ways of modeling and re-imagining social relations. She examines conflict, intimacy, and identity in interpersonal relationships, and then designs furniture to reflect and reshape our understanding of these relationships. Chairs have emerged as a recurring motif in her sculptures because of their connection to the body and their recognizable form. 

In her practice, Bai weaves together a variety of processes, from drawing to woodworking, as she shifts between two-dimensional work, sculpture, and installation.

Bai also works as a designer for film and theater.

Contact: info@mimibiyaobai.com